Band Members:

  • Bill Hennessey – Drums
  • Rock M (Mark Smith) – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Gary Poppe – Lead Guitar, Talkbox
  • Al Rosenstangel – Bass, Vocals
  • Tim Farver – Lead Vocals/Frontman


Trigger Happy was formed in the Spring of 1998. Al Rosenstangel ran into Don Burnette one night at a local bar and Al asked Don, “What do you think about starting a two-lead guitar rock band?” Don said “Hell Yeah!” Al and Don practiced for a few weeks and started to look for the rest of the band. Al brought up asking Bill Hennessey, a local drummer, who had been playing with a couple different bands. Bill joined the band and recruited Dusty Langley as the band’s bassist. The band practiced for a couple months before landing their first gig. The crowd’s reaction to this first performance sparked Trigger Happy into becoming more than just a “jam band.” They started practicing twice a week and throwing “Practice Parties”. The word was spreading and soon they started hitting the bar scene. The band’s following earned them a reputation as being “the” band to see in the Thumb of Michigan. The band toured from Pontiac to Port Austin and everywhere in between. The show carried with it an energy that kept fans coming back time after time.

As the years went by, the band went through a number of changes. Al left the band in 2003 and then the band temporarily went to a 3-piece. The band tried a couple replacements for Al and although each member added a unique sound the band did not previously have, no one filled the void. On one rainy night a menacing figure emerged from behind stage left and rocked the hell out the crowd. Rock Machine burst into the mix that night as a guest vocalist, wailing some classic Van Halen. The crowd’s reaction once again told the band which direction they had to go. Rock was offered the position and quickly took over primary vocals and added a new level of vocal harmony to the band. They continued to rock the bars and build their legacy. In 2005, Don left the band. The band continued on rocking while looking for a replacement. They got word of a ripping lead player playing a PRS through a Mesa-Boogie. Gary Poppe, (formerly of Negative Earth, and Bottomhour) joined the band as the new lead guitarist. Just as things started to roll again, Dusty had to leave the band. As the band continued on, they looked for a replacement for Dusty. The band found some new energy from an old member returning. Original member, Al Rosenstangel, switched gears as a guitarist and returned as the band’s new bassist. They have extended their range westward and now play in the Tri-City Area.

As the band celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2008, Trigger Happy was proudly still “the” band to see in the Thumb of Michigan. Their name is legendary in local rock n’roll and the band’s legacy continues to expand.

Fast forward to 2012

After touring for a year and a half with rock legend Mark Christian, who decided to follow a dream and release his second original album with STS (Shackled to Society), with his extreme vocal range and high level of professionalism, the band knew he would be hard to replace. So they felt extra lucky when they found The Famous Tim Farver He Rules, he’s high energy, & high and mighty exciting, he’s a must see. Constantly adding new material while retaining the classics that everyone loves, the band is rocking harder than ever. You’ll see them at biker rallies, bars, parties, and everywhere else in need of a rock show. Watch for the event flyers, ask around, follow the trail of empties, whatever it takes! Try to catch the next show, you’ll be in for a rockin’ night.